AugmentHealth® Pty Ltd is an Australian company established in October 2020. It is an AI-Powered technology provider dedicated to providing a reliable scientifically-based clinical research and evaluation platform to support your advancement of patient-centred clinical practice through continuous innovation and translation of what works into practice. To this end, AugmentHealth® Pty Ltd has established itself as a leader in methods and multidisciplinary technology to support people and organisations in delivering best practice.

We believe empowering rapid and broad innovation is the key to advancing healthcare. With this in mind, AugmentHealth® offers a suite of digitalised methods, scientific-based approaches, intelligent knowledge engines and libraries to increase the effectiveness and optimise the performance of clinical research and outcome discovery. Such a model opens up an enormous number of possibilities, opportunities and benefits that are only limited by your imagination.

AugmentHealth® allows you to tap into untapped clinical insight locally within the organisational wall or beyond. AugmentHealth’s highly secured cloud platform allows you to rapidly roll out, scale-up based on your scope and budget to continuously study, innovate, evaluate and translate your scientifically validated findings into advancing clinical practice.

AugmentHealth® allows you to integrate your workflow and multidisciplinary roles to discover the hidden patient data and generating quality evidence about the best practice. Also, we appreciate the importance of the workforce and well-being, and your continuously enriched experience in the innovation journey is one of our source of achievements.

HUSKi is the outcome of 20 years dedicated R&D including 8 years of clinical implementations.