HUSKi’s vision is to offer a unified, intelligent, scientifically-based digital platform that will cut through the complexity of clinical innovation at the deeper clinical contexts, and make innovating clinical insight easy, effective, continuous and rewarding. The HUSKI vision is underpinned by the belief of ‘creating data’ scientifically at the level of ‘deep medicine’ which is the key driver for healthcare transformational advancement.

Driven by this vision, HUSKI envisioned that the key to success is to overcome the existing shortcomings and holistically address the three critical dimensions: university, adaptability and sustainability. This design vision supported HUSKi’s implementation to successfully harness the untapped scientifically-based knowledge intelligently.

HUSKI Vision

Universality:- breaks silo, fragmentation, and supports diversity with a unified methodological approach intelligently;

Adaptability:- bridges the gap between research and practice, addresses constant change and/or reemerging, in addition to iterative evolvement;

Advance Sustainably:- empowers clinical drivers with automated and optimized machine intelligence, addresses issues of affordability, security, expandability, speed beside the breadth and depth of long-term success.



HUSKI is a next generation digital-platform for clinical innovation. The underlying design of HUSKI is based on an AI powered methodological knowledge-machine that orchestrates a suite of advanced technologies, clinical wisdom, and scientific approach to create a highly intelligent, and secured data infrastructure to overcome the challenges arising in the multifarious application of clinical discovery. This advanced infrastructure includes: 1) the knowledge creation framework that supports quality meta-design to harness untapped knowledge scientifically; 2) the evaluating framework that effects capturing, evaluating and analyzing scientifically-based data at right points of patient journey to answer clinical hypothesis and optimize the best suited model of healthcare; and 3) the adaptation framework bridges research with practice, broader-collaboration with local relevance, and evolves the application seamlessly and rapidly when the unexpected or unpredictable changes arise to ensure long-term sustainable success. 




Enables you with the breadth and depth of the research methodologies ranging from the basic to sophisticated AI automated randomize control trial. HUSKi instantly transforms your meta-data design-time input/requirements into the universe of parameters and attributes with an advance computational model that simultaneously perform mutual exclusive classification, dynamic and responsive measurement, and real-time intelligent data analytics at clinical hypothesis evaluation run-time.


Allows your innovations to succeed beyond single-specialty and expand into world-class discoveries across different disciplines within or beyond institutional horizons. This support enables you to evaluate the cross-disciplinary patient journey from hospital to home using an intelligent and dynamic evaluation model. HUSKi’s multidisciplinary model seamlessly balances the broader collaboration with the local relevance thereby evolving benefits to enhance local advancement.


Allows you to harness unpredictable iterative evolvement in areas such as research design, parameters and algorithm setting, project expansion, and the need to adapt to the changed clinical routines. HUSKi assists you with intelligent feedback on discovery-design workability, besides enabling you to have intelligent and rapidly generated clinical adaptive application to enrich your experience in the continuous innovation journey.

Data Analytics

Enables continuous lifecycle of innovation to be powered by intelligent real-time data analytics, supporting and improving each stage of the knowledge process from ‘creating data’, ‘evaluating data’, ‘turning data into knowledge’ and finally ‘accessing knowledge’. HUSKi allows you to reap the fruits of innovation through high quality prediction as the scientific evidence evolves with time, which grants you the flexibility to convert the vision of precision medicine into reality.


Enables you to leverage the power of HUSKi to drastically reduce running costs. HUSKi’s AI-powered methodological ensemble automates the intelligent database infrastructure, the significant amount of computational and management process and thus reduces costs associated with the dependency on the cross-disciplinary technology specialists. Also, by using HUSKi, you save costs incurred on unnecessary problem solving that leads to the unsatisfying outcome.

Beyond adaptation

Allows you to configure high quality secured clinical operating system with unimaginable speed on top of HUSKi’s evaluation infrastructure. HUSKi being the intelligent platform for complete knowledge management cycle is at instant readiness to be rapidly adapted as the advanced clinical operational management and evaluation systems beyond the purpose of integrating research with practice.



Today HUSKI has phenomenally supported and collaborated with many healthcare organisations in Australia and New Zealand including affiliating with Health Department of the Australia Capital Territory, and the Australia National University. Many of their clinical digital solutions built on HUSKI platform have received quality awards, published in leading peer review journals, and demonstrated significant value to clinical service improvement.

In a single hospital, HUSKI can help save approximately $6 million (AUD) per year while producing a 2 to 3-fold improvement in patient outcomes.


HUSKI adds value through Typical outcome
A more efficient practice 30-60% increases in efficiency
Better patient outcomes 2 to 3 fold improvements
Enhanced decision-making processes More consistent and accurate information
A reduction in IT issues 70-80% reduction in support-related resources required
$ Savings Estimated $6m (AUD) annual savings per hospital